Thursday 9 May 2013

Day 17 - gingivitis scare and loose teeth

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Day 17 with Damon Clear Braces
Day 17 with the braces. Of course I'll be glad to have them off once they're finished but I have to say that wearing them has not been so bad so far. I'm even quite starting to like how they look, I think they look quite cute. It's really something I never thought I'd think before getting them on!

After a few days of using the gel for gingivitis, the gum is now looking ok, and no more trouble with ulcers. Yesterday my front tooth (the one next the one that is not straight) was quite sore and felt a little loose. I had that same feeling with the front four teeth today, but it passed quite quickly.
As far as movement goes, the photos from the front don't show much movement, but three of the front four bottom teeth look as though they're being turned to the side. I'm guessing that as time goes on they'll keep being pulled from left to right until they eventually all fit in one straight line together.

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