Thursday 25 April 2013

Day 4 - Wax, hooks and snacks!

Use your wax!
I now have a huge mouth ulcer inside near my bottom lip, so if anything. I can recommend you put wax onto your brackets as soon as you feel it's rubbing against some part of your cheek.
Today and yesterday I've been feeling a little more self-conscious about my decision and really thinking "Am I better off with these?". I knew I would have this feeling sooner or later, but to deal with it is sometimes difficult. I try to distract myself from thinking about them and how they look, and remember they'll look good in short time.

Hooks on the brackets
In case braces are absolutely new to you (as they were to me before I started researching them), I realise that those people reading might not realise what the little hooks on the braces are for. Sometimes it's required to wear these elastic bands to make sure that your teeth will align up properly. After I had them put on I was expecting to be given them. But they told me that they're not necessary yet, and it's possible I may not have to wear them at all. Sometimes the braces hooks can tear into your cheeks. In this case, see above paragraph.

Snacks to try the first few days with Damon Braces
Eating is becoming more and more comfortable, although I can't yet just pick up anything I want. 
Eating just yogurt and soups is not much sustenance, and whilst experimenting I've discovered a delicious new snack - ground almonds and blueberry yogurt.

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