Tuesday 23 April 2013

Day 2

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Not the greatest picture, but here you can see what they look like, and also the tooth that was causing me and my smile the most irritation. This is the second day of wearing Damon Clear. I wish I'd taken a picture the first day, because then you could have really seen how those four brackets on the lower jaw were squeezed really tightly together and they're already evening out
So far I haven’t had much trouble but the feeling is weird, like wearing another set of teeth over your original ones. I have ceramic brackets over the front 6 teeth on the upper jaw and ceramic brackets on the front 6 teeth on the lower jaw, the rest of them are these silver metal colour. One silver metal bracket was giving me a bit of trouble, rubbing against the inside of my lower cheek, but using the wax the dentist gave me has made this problem better.

Apart from the one bracket rubbing against my cheek, it hasn’t really been painful, but I probably won’t be able to eat anything solid for the next few days, because the pressure on my teeth feels a bit too much if I touch them. And also I don’t want to have the hassle of having a major clean after just snacking on something. I’m hoping it will have a positive knock-on effect on my diet (I usually snack on a lot of sweets at work – this is now almost impossible!).

It’s also a bit difficult smiling. I feel I have to either smile very wide (to get my lips out of the way), or not at all. And the braces have given my mouth a slight kind of ‘trout pout’ appearance. But I hope that as the teeth straighten out that this will get better.

Brushing has not really been much of a problem, it is a little painful when I brush that upper tooth that has the receding gumline, but I try to avoid the gum as much as possible and just stick to brushing the bracket and the tooth enamel.
I have to say the first day, I did feel like this character ‘Cleetus’ from the Simpsons. Although my front two teeth did not stick out at all before the braces, having the brackets on there (the ceramic brackets are slightly larger than the normal silver metal), made me feel a bit like there were these two huge boulders there! But the second day, I’m getting used to the feeling – it really does get better!

I really don’t think I’m going crazy, perhaps it’s just the new look and feel of having the braces on my teeth, but examining my teeth it seems they have already moved just slightly. Usually when I ran my tongue around the inside of my bottom row of teeth, the front four were very crowded. Now I can feel with my tongue they are evening out a little bit. It’s really fantastic to feel like you’re having results almost immediately!


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  2. OMG!!!!! your teeth has improved 200% already. I just read your last post from May and now looking at your teeth I see how much better it looks now. congratulations., wishing you all the best! Cheers from New Zealand.