Saturday 5 October 2013

Week 23 - before and after pictures

damon braces, damon clear braces, progress picture, photo, clear brackets, wires
Week 23 with the elastic bands
I didn't mean to leave it nearly two weeks before doing an update, but lately I've had a lot of stuff on my plate, sorry about that.
So I was expecting a lot more pain with this square wire, but actually, it really only hurts the first few days - exactly like the other wire changes really.
The teeth are moving very, very slowly at this point. I'm still wearing the elastics - although this week I have not been very disciplined about wearing them all the time, but I do wear them every night.

Apologies for the, again, rubbish photo quality. The past few weeks, I had access to a proper camera, and now I am back to taking pictures with my smartphone again, and the image quality of the pictures has really declined over the past 5 months.

So my top row of teeth are near perfect. Only one thing, the tooth to the right of my front teeth (in the photo) just needs to move a few more millimetres. But it is moving. I can now floss and see a bit of space, so it really just needs to edge in a little more to be perfectly in line with the others.

damon braces, damon clear braces, before and after, progress picture, photo, clear brackets, wires
Damon Braces Before & After: Start of treatment to almost 6 months later.
On the bottom row of teeth, you might be able to make out in the picture there is a small gap just to the left of the centre teeth. It's not really too big of a gap, and from reading other Blogs this is quite normal. I expect next time I'm at the orthodontist they'll do something to close this.

To the right is a before and after picture from the first week to this week, so almost 6 months treatment time. Looking back at the time before I had braces, my teeth really were quite jumbled. They're looking so lovely now, I'm glad I had them done!

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  1. It's only been six months yet your teeth are almost perfectly aligned already! Great progress! Just continue being religious about your dental visits and adjustments. And don't worry about that gap on your bottom teeth. They will soon close, and you will get to enjoy a perfect set of teeth. Are you excited? You should! :)
    Lenita @ Dentist4Life