Wednesday 12 June 2013

Week 7 - 'before and after' pictures

Before and after picture of Damon clear braces taken 3 weeks apart
Top picture - Day 25; bottom picture three and a half weeks later - quite a dramatic before and after transformation!
I was planning to do an update on Monday to talk about what changes had been made by my orthodontist, if any, but it turns out I read the date wrong, and it's actually next Monday. So really nothing much to report, I have had absolutely no pains or aches. It probably hasn't really moved a lot, but the crooked tooth is looking better all the time, it's really moved so much, just in the last three and a half weeks. To the right are two pictures, the one below was taken today, and the one above was taken three and a half weeks ago (Day 25), and you can see how much the teeth have changed in that short time. Next update on Monday, when I actually have my appointment!

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  1. Im getting Damon braces put on in a few days. The part im nervous about are two. How will they look, are they very noticeable and will teeth feel loose, like as in being able to wiggle them. The appearance part and dating is whats worrying me though.